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Day of discussion on Francophone immigration attracts record participation

The 11th edition of the Journée de réflexion sur l'immigration francophone, held in Moncton under the theme Developing the Means and Strengthening Collaboration to Make Francophone Immigration a Success, attacted over 187 participants, while 160 more watched the discussions live on the Web. This event, organized by the Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada,  was taking place immediately prior to the very first Ministerial Forum on Francophone immigration. 

The Journée featured four panels on current issues related to Francophone immigration, which highlighted the importance of collaboration in all initiatives from conception to delivery:

  1. Promotion and recruitment: Government and community strategies and initiatives notwithstanding, participants agreed on the importance of having a good understanding of the motivations of the immigrants who choose to settle in Canada's Francophone minority communities, as well as the course followed by these newcomers. Participants were also made aware of the most innovative strategies in terms of promotion and recruitment. Collaboration between stakeholders revealed itself as a major asset in all the initiatives that were mentioned. 
  2. Welcoming Syrian Refugees in Francophone MInority Communities: Two success stories, in Manitoba and New Brunswick, share the same elements - significant community mobilization for the reception and settlement of refugees, as well as an emphasis on early childhood services, education, as well as the commitment and collaboration of citizens, organizations and institutions within the community.
  3. Collaboration Between Service Providers in Small Communities: Presentations brought to light best practices which illustrated the commitment, collaboration and strategic innovation by service providers in small and rural areas. An overview of the situation in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Alberta and Northen Ontario showed the critical importance of Francophone immigration in revitalizing rural communities and small urban areas, Community and municipal commitment is also key. 
  4. From Temporary to Permanent Residence: Discussions on government and community strategies, as well as strategies identified by researchers, brought to light the importance of reducing barriers to fostering retention of temporary workers and international students.

A media release published following the Ministerial Forum on Francophone Immigration (which was held in the same location on March 30 and 31) echoed the consensuses that emerged from the Journée. Namely, the media release highlighted the importance of government-community collaboration and of community-developed reception and settlement services and structures.