National Francophone Immigration Week

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Be a part of the celebration! Click here to find out more about how to participate. A submission form will be available on this page in September to register activities for the Week's event calendar. 


There are various ways of participating in the Week or helping to promote it from now until November 10:

Starting now

In the Fall and During the Week

National Francophone Immigration Week is an initiative of the Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada (Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities of Canada, FCFA) and the Réseaux en immigration francophone (Francophone Immigration Networks, RIFs) to celebrate Francophone immigration and diversity. It’s an opportunity to recognize newcomers’ contributions to the vitality and dynamism of Francophone communities outside of Quebec, as well as to showcase these communities’ efforts to attract, welcome, and support the integration of newcomers. It’s also an opportunity to create and strengthen ties between Francophone immigrants and host communities.  

Official partners

The success of National Francophone Immigration Week would not be possible without the collaboration and significant contributions of a large number of partners. 

Provincial/territorial partners

13 Réseaux en immigration francophone (RIF) - Please note that individual RIF partners will be added later.

National partners

National Francophone Immigration Week is an initiative of the FCFA and the RIFs, made possible through financial support from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the participation of many partners. This event is inspired by the success of the Semaine de l’immigration francophone en Atlantique, organized by the Comité atlantique sur l’immigration francophone in 2012.