Are you an immigrant or do you wish to immigrate to Canada? 

Immigrating in French

Find the latest web conferences presenting life in French in communities outside Quebec as well as practical information on the steps to take, on Francophone communities, and on services to help you settle:

– Immigrating in French

o Welcoming Francophone Communities

o Where to Begin?

– Interactive Map

– Integrating in the Community

o Pre-departure Services

o Settlement Services

o Support for Refugees

Are you a partner working in the field of Francophone immigration or cultural diversity awareness?

Community strategy

To learn more about the mandate of the FCFA of Canada, the different community actors we work with and the latest events:

– The FCFA, coordinating nationally

– Francophone Immigration Networks

– Welcoming Francophone Communities

– Community of Practice

– Events

National Francophone Immigration Week

Find all the information on this event to raise awareness of ethnocultural diversity and all the tools to market the event:

– Theme

–  Events Calendar

– Register in Calendar

– Previous Editions

Academic Research

To promote knowledge sharing among all stakeholders in Francophone immigration and to make evidence more accessible in order to inform public policy and community initiatives:

– Directory of researchers

– Virtual Library

– Annual Symposium

Are you an employer looking for workers?

Francophone and Acadian communities can open the door to the world of international recruitment of qualified bilingual workers!

Thanks to their many collaborative links with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Canadian embassies abroad and numerous actors in the field of international mobility, the Francophone communities give you the means to learn everything about the recruitment of qualified workers abroad.

Each year, the Francophone communities organize a series of information sessions for employers in several regions of the country. These sessions allow you to learn more about:

– Francophone and Acadian community immigration initiatives, activities and services

– Recruitment opportunities and processes in various countries and new pools of skilled labour

– The support offered by embassies and international employment mobility agencies for the recruitment of skilled workers

– Measures put in place by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to facilitate and accelerate the recruitment of French-speaking international candidates

– Opportunities presented by the Destination Canada Forum


– The Réseau de Développement Économique et d’Employabilité (RDÉE) can help you in your recruitment and integration of Francophone or bilingual immigrants.

– Hiring Francophone Workers

– Employer’s roadmap

– Destination Canada Mobility Forum to put you in touch with candidates

– Hiring a foreign student

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